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New art studio aims to offer art to all ages

By Kristin Austin - on November 10, 2014 at

GRANDVILLE – A new art studio in Grandville aims to bring art education to everyone.

Artist Summer E.A. opened the new Art By Era art studio this fall at 3141 Broadway Ave. A professional artist with a master's degree in adult education, E.A. said her goal for the school is to make art accessible and affordable.

E.A. moved to the United States four years ago from Europe. Now an Allendale resident, she started teaching art classes in her home and at an area church during the summer. She said some of her students' parents encouraged her to offer classes year-round. So, she looked for a space to open a studio and found what she was looking for in Grandville.

"I have a dream to make something different here," she said, basing her dream on the European-style of art education. "In Europe, we have regular schools of art. Every town in Europe has an art school."

Summer E.A., center, and two of her teachers

Summer E.A., center, and two of her teachers attend an expo for the new Art By Era art studio, at 3141 Broadway Ave. in Grandville.

Students attend a class at the new Art By Era art studio

E.A. said making art available is important to her, so she offers affordable weekly and one-time class options for all ages. E.A., whose medium is oil painting, teaches classes and employs five other artists to teach as well. She said her focus is to have teachers who are educated and professional.

Class options include photography, drawing, metal, ceramic, jewelry, design, and crafts with other mediums, such as glass, in the works. Classes, with a minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 25 students, are divided into sessions for children ages 5 and older, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Classes are offered during the week as well as on weekends.

E.A. plans to hold exhibits showcasing her students' artwork at the end of each semester.

She hopes her studio will help expose all ages to art and bring them together in a fun environment.

"I don't have family here," E.A. said, "so I give my love and attention to my students. They feel that love and attention. And art can connect us as a family."

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