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Art By Era - Arts Lovers Club

Art Lovers Club music at Grandville Art Gallery
Art Lovers Club at Grandville Art Gallery

Art Club Mission

The Art Lovers Club is a preeminent exhibitor of international art, a forum for established and emerging artists, and a celebrated venue for performers from around the world. The Art Lovers Club has opened its membership to artists and patrons of the arts, and its exhibitions to the public. At its inaugural meeting, the mission of the Art Lovers Club was defined as: "to encourage higher standards of art, maintain gallery for that purpose, and to promote the mutual acquaintance of art lovers and art workers."

The mission of the Art Lovers Club has since grown and expanded, and is now:

  • To encourage, foster, promote, and sponsor activities and presentations which would aim to increase public interest in the arts and related activities;
  • To expand the artistic horizons of a public interested in the arts and related activities, which will include lectures, lecture/demonstrations, symposia, gallery talks, films, music, and dance presentations, and related educational programs designed to further these purposes;
  • To maintain a facility for the presentation of these activities and exhibitions;
  • To acquire by gift or purchase, and maintain a permanent collection of fine art, and to present temporary exhibitions of the fine arts in a gallery open to the public.
ART BY ERA - Art Lovers Club continues to uphold this mission, offering between two and six public exhibitions per year, a permanent collection including work by many modern and contemporary masters, and diverse a calendar of programming offered to its membership and guests.

Applying for Membership

Those interested in membership may stop by the ART BY ERA studio on Wednesdays 11am - 6pm at 3141 Broadway Ave. Grandville, MI 49418 to request a membership application or contact us at [email protected]

Private Events

The Arts Club is an elegant and sophisticated venue for parties, receptions, lectures, meetings, and other gatherings. The Club offers ground floor space and is equipped for film screenings, lectures, live music, and more. We can accommodate groups ranging in size from 5 to 100 guests.

Because Our Arts Club is a private, membership-based club, non-members must be sponsored by a member in order to host an event at Our Arts Club.